Pay & Play Court Use

If you would like to hire a tennis court for casual use, it’s £5 per hour for Junior Court and £7.50 per hour for Adult Court.

You can also hire Tennis Rackets for £2 and balls for £1.

Please text Barney on 07775 997 746 with the time and date you’d like to play and he will book you a court.

Great news! Spring Lane is now open for Court Bookings and 1-1 Tennis Lessons!

If you’d like to book a court or lesson, please text Barney on 07775 997746 with time and day. If you could be slightly flexible with times that’d be great.

Obviously it’s a ‘new normal’ at Spring Lane. For starters, there are no doors or gates so you don’t need to touch anything! Here are the conditions of play…

  1. Keep a 2m ‘social distance’ at all times, aim for 4-5 metres though please
  2. Wash your hands at home before and after play. Toilets will NOT be open.
  3. Play within Households if you can.
  4. If you’re playing against someone from a different household (singles only) you MUST have your own personal tennis balls CLEARLY MARKED that only you pick up. We have loads of new tubes of balls at the club that are £5 for Members £7.50 for non-Members. The other person will then use their clearly marked Tennis Balls for their service games.
  5. Singles play only unless you’re playing doubles with members of your own household
  6. When you arrive, wait for play to finish on the court you’ve booked before entering the courts. Do NOT congregate by the entrance gate.
  7. Play must finish a couple of minutes before the hour to allow a smooth change-over and not cause a queue.
  8. Please don’t touch the Nets, Net-posts or fencing
  9. Don’t touch other people’s Tennis Balls with your hands
  10. You must not arrive at Spring Lane without first pre-booking a court by texting Barney on 07775 997746.
  11. Any issues please call 07775 997746

Thanks for you understanding and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Best wishes Barney