One to One Coaching

The Making Aces Coaching Team offer individual coaching for members of Spring Lane Tennis Club and also to non-members.


Coach SLTC Member SLTC Non-member Booking
James Barnard £30 per hour £30 per hour 07775 997746
George Wilson £25 per hour £25 per hour 07580 188931

If you would like to book a lesson, please contact the coach using the number above or e-mail

Things to remember when you have booked a tennis lesson:

  • You are not responsible for the booking of any courts involved with coaching sessions
  • You are responsible for paying the entire cost of the lesson if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice
  • If you need a racket supplied please inform the coach, and they will bring one along

Lessons go ahead in all conditions!  We will contact you if lessons have been cancelled for any reason.